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Easy-to-use mobile-friendly Cloud MLX can help you with automatic listing notifications!

Not sure what Cloud MLX is? Thinking a Cloud Stream sounds like a rainy day? Actually, Cloud products will help you brighten any client’s day and make you say ‘sales are looking up!”

Cloud MLX is an awesome mobile-friendly MLS search tool and Cloud Streams is one of the fastest auto-notification systems in the industry! This post will show you how to use them together to make you look great in front of your clients.

First, log into Cloud MLX via your NNRMLS Launchpad; here’s the link if you don’t have it handy: https://launchpad.nnrmls.com

Now that you’re on the Launchpad, click the Cloud MLX button:

Next, create the search for your client in Cloud MLX:

You’re going to send this search to Cloud Streams to create an auto-notification campaign for your client. To do so, click the fly-out menu icon (it looks like a square with an arrow shooting out, appearing above your search results).

When you click the fly-out icon, you’ll get a drop-down menu of options. To create a Cloud Stream with your MLX search results, click the option that says Make a Cloud Stream:

Choose "Make Cloud Stream "

Another Internet window will open with Cloud Streams loaded up. Here you simply Name your Stream, enter your client’s email address where it says “Who’s it for?” and choose your email frequency. The image below shows the Name Your Stream window before you enter the information:

Name Your Stream

Once you’re finished, click the blue Next button. The image below shows Cloud Streams after you enter the Name Your Stream information:

Name Your Stream filled out

Before you send it off to your client, Cloud Streams will give you a chance to edit your criteria. There is no need to do anything during this step if your search was complete in MLX, but feel free to make changes as necessary, then click the Preview button:

Edit Criteria

You will now be in Preview Mode and you will have the chance to review the results before you send them to your client. Once you’ve verified that everything looks good, click the blue Invite Client button in the upper-right of the screen:

Invite client

You will receive a confirmation (at the top of the screen), that the Cloud Stream has been delivered to your client:

Invitation delivered

You’ll be able to check if your client has accepted your invitation to Cloud Streams by clicking on the Dashboard link in the upper-right of your screen, then the Invitations tab located in the center of the screen just below the sample family photo:Check invitation

Your client will receive an email invitation, branded to you, for the Cloud Stream — they can accept by clicking the Accept Invitation button:Accept Invitation example

Once they accept they’ll be able to view big, bold listing photos and easy-to-read details. They will also have the ability to mark listings as favorites and leave comments for you. One of the best things about this system — it looks as good, or better, on a mobile device than it does on a laptop or desktop computer!

If you liked this blog post and want to learn more, come to one of our classes — “Cloud Agent Suite: Learn Cloud MLX, CMA & Streams” on Nov 13 in Reno and Nov 14 in Carson City and learn from Pro Trainer, Ricardo Bueno. He will teach more tips and tricks about your Cloud services. All classes will be held at your local Realtor Association office!

There will be three classes in Reno and three classes in Carson City (at your Association Office) over two days:

Click here to register for the Monday, November 13th Reno classes.

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