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The NNRMLS Paragon 5 MLS system is back online and ready to use after a major data move that required a shorter than anticipated amount of downtime for the program Friday night.

The system’s developers, LPS MLS Solutions, have said that the move from its facility in Olathe, KS to Jacksonville, FL will deliver:

  • A larger data center with more capabilities
  • Improved performance for staff, agents, third party vendors/partners and consumers
  • Capability to add Disaster Recovery at an affordable cost
  • Flexibility to add capacity and cloud resources faster

The NNRMLS staff congratulates our partners at LPS for implementing this successful data migration and we look forward to the improved capabilities that it will provide our Members!

Reminder: As before the migration, you must close your browser to end your Paragon session.

Please contact our support staff with questions or concerns; via email support@nnrmls.com and phone (775) 823-8838.

If you’d like to read more about the data move that occurred overnight, click here to read our article “NNRMLS Listing Data Is Moving This Friday and Saturday.”