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By any significant measure the NNRMLS Mission: Lockbox Exchange was a success. In just three days we exchanged 10,950 boxes.

To the many that participated in the exchange event; thank you and great job! The amount of boxes exchanged represents 85 percent of the total MLS inventory.

If you missed the Lockbox Exchange event; don’t fret, we have a solution for you!

We’re holding make-up sessions next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, (May 13, 14 and 15), from 9am to 4pm at our 5650 Riggins Court office.  Please round up your old lockboxes and bring them to us so that we can honor the trade-in value. If you wait, your old boxes will have no value toward a new box.

If you can’t make it to our office you can complete a form that grants someone else the permission to come in your place. Click here to download the permission form.

Questions? Click here to check out our online Lockbox Exchange information page.

Please do not come to either Association or NNRMLS office on Friday, May 10. We will not have any lockboxes in our offices until Monday morning.