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The NNRMLS is pleased to announce that Paragon 5 now has the Listing Photo Slideshow, previously only available in a desktop version of the software. This enhancement, version 5.2.6, was added in September 2012.

The slideshow can be used online as well as offline to present listing images to clients. This feature is available within the Actions Menu in a listing result set.

The recommended display for the Slideshow is 1024 x 768 for optimum viewing. (Click here to read an article about adjusting your screen resolution).To ensure proper performance, the Slideshow will be defaulted to display up to 50 Listings at a time.

Slideshow Offline Mode

After generating the Slideshow via the online browser, users will be able to access the Slideshow without having to be logged into the Paragon System (via caching).

Note: Clearing a browsers cache will eliminate the off‐line mode of the Slideshow. However, the link can be reused if connected to the internet.

The Listing Slideshow’s link will be retained for 30 days. Once expired, the system will notify the user that the Slideshow has been removed.

After generating the Slideshow (launched in a new browser tab), Users can copy the link from the new tab or while completing the setup steps before it is generated, the user can choose to have the system automatically e‐mail them the Slideshow link so that they can share it with their customers!

See the “Creating a Listing Slideshow” screenshot below for details.

This new slideshow also fits in the horizontal position of the iPad Safari browser making it available on the go!

The Slideshow has several great features for display customization.

Slide Show Description

  •  Users can enter up to 50 Characters for a description that will display at the top of the Slideshow.

Listing Photos to Display

  • Users can select to display only the Primary Photo for the listing or all available listing images.

Listing Info Header

  • Displays either the MLS Number and Address or the Photo Label and Description at the top of the field list to the right of the image.

Listing Info Field Customization

  • Users can select up to 12 fields for display on the right side of the listing image.

Listing Slideshow Display Options

  • Image Transition Speed: Select from 1‐10 seconds for the transition time between images
  • Show Thumbnails (at the top of Slideshow): When the checkbox is active the thumbnail filmstrip will display at the top of the Slideshow.
  • Navigation Controls (Pause/Play/Previous/Next): When selected the link controls will display above the main slideshow image.

Agent/Office Info Options

  • Users can select to display either the Agent Image/Info (Agent Phone and Office), Office Image/Info (Office Name and Phone) or to not include the information on the Slideshow.

E‐mail Link Options

  • When selected, and the Slideshow is created, the system will automatically send the Slideshow link to the user. This link will remain active for 30 days and can be shared with the Agent’s clients. No login access is needed to view this link, similar to prospecting auto‐notification hyperlinks.

Slideshow Prompt
Before a Slideshow is created, the following message will provide the user with details regarding availability and will advise users of the recommended screen resolution for optimum display of the Slideshow. When the OK button is clicked, the Slideshow will be generated in a new browser tab.

Slideshow E‐mail Messages
When the user selects the “E‐mail Slideshow messages to me” option, the system will send the following messages:
The Slideshow Creation Message:

The Expired Slideshow E‐mail message:

*Please note: The information and screenshots provided in this article were produced and provided by LPS Real Estate Group and lightly edited by the NNRMLS staff*

If you have questions about this Paragon update, please contact the NNRMLS Team at 823-8838 or at support@nnrmls.zendesk.com.