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internet-explorer-8-logoAlthough we’ve known since last year that the makers of Paragon were discontinuing support for the Internet Explorer 8 browser, (see the NNRMLS’s blog post on the subject here: http://nnrmlsblog.com/paragon-to-discontinue-support-for-internet-explorer-8), we have not seen complete incompatibility issues until now.

The NNRMLS staff has noted that since the latest update by the Paragon tech team on August 13, Internet Explorer 8 has become incompatible with the Paragon 5 MLS system. Here is the screen that our Members are receiving when trying to access Paragon with Internet Explorer 8:

IE8 and ParagonIf your computer uses the Windows XP operating system we recommend that you use an alternate Internet browser such as Google Chrome and/or Mozilla Firefox. The NNRMLS team has used the Firefox and Chrome browsers with success on computers that are equipped with Windows XP. As an XP user you cannot upgrade your Internet Explorer browser beyond IE8.

LPS, the maker of Paragon, made their official stance on the issue:
“We no longer support Internet Explorer 8. Our general stance, is when Microsoft stops supporting a browser, we must also stop supporting. What happens is if there is a general bug within IE8 – Microsoft will no longer roll out patches to fix those issues. Slowly the browser will deteriorate until sites no longer accept it for compatibility (such as IE6/7). We currently still support Windows XP (Microsoft does as well), but a short period after Microsoft stops support for Windows XP, we will follow as well.”

The Paragon team will not likely come up with a fix for this issue as they no longer support the browser. Although the LPS answer above implies that Microsoft has discontinued support for Internet Explorer 8, it has not. According to Microsoft, “Support for Windows XP is ending on April 8, 2014,” but there is no indication online that that end-of-support date will coincide with the same treatment of the IE8 browser. In fact, a Microsoft representative confirmed to the NNRMLS staff via online chat “As of now Microsoft has not mentioned any end of support date, [for Internet Explorer 8], on the website…[and], “Microsoft would support Internet Explorer 8.”

Please let us know if we can help explain this further. Click here for the latest browser compatibility information from Paragon.