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You can now easily add labels to your photos when uploading them to Paragon. The image below shows what these labels look like in slideshow mode:Labels on a slideshow

Here’s how to add labels to your pictures:

While adding or maintaining the images in your listings you will see the “Add Label” link that appears in the lower left of the listing image. See below for a visual:

Add Label

To add a label to an image click the “Add Label” link, the Photo Label window will open for the specific picture you are working on.

Photo Label model_altered_by_MLM

Next, you’ll want to place your mouse cursor in the “Label” field and start typing a key word, a partial list of labels will then appear and you can choose the one that best applies. If you don’t see the label you want, try clicking the magnifying glass icon to the right of the “Label” field to choose from the entire list of labels.

NOTE: You cannot add your own labels, the list is predetermined and includes more than 90 choices for the Residential class. Other listing classes contain less labels. If you feel that there is a label that should be on the list please contact the NNRMLS staff to make that request.

Finally, click the Save button. That’s it! You will be able to see the labels in a slideshow of the listing in Paragon:

Labels on a slideshow








You will also be able to see the labels on listing detail reports:

Photo label client all fields

Stay tuned! We will be increasing the amount of photos that you can upload per listing soon and will announce it on this blog!