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New features and functionality were added to your Paragon MLS system during the downtime on June 4th, 2019

Here is a brief list of the enhancements:

Ability to Save Property Search after Customizing Fields

  • Update has done away with excess clicks and manually saving a search
  • “Show Me” button has been added in the Customize Fields pop up
  • Can modify an existing saved search, default search permanently or the current search you are on with fewer clicks


New Email Opt Out Process

  •  The former email opt-out process was tied to the original email address
    • Could result opting out issues when forwarding an email to a client
  • New process requires the email to be entered and decide what type of specific messages they want to opt-out of

Listing Status is now displayed and color-coded in Power Search

  • The listing status will be displayed next to the listing’s address when displaying power search results

CMA Summary Text Wrap

  • The CMA Summary Report has been updated so the columns will intelligently wrap text as needed to fill the space when the report is emailed. This is to fix the problem of some fields such as “Price” being wrapped to a second line and not displaying as expected.