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The total number of violations doubled in the month of June, with Remarks being at the top of the list. However, fines were down because the violations were corrected within the 2 business day period. Please don’t forget to keep all contact information in Private Remarks only — no contact information is permitted in MLS/Extended Remarks. Any language that could be considered advertising/steering is not permitted in ANY Remarks field. Section 4.7-8 Rules & Regulations.

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Click on the infographic for a closer view:


We thank and commend members for taking these violation notices seriously and updating or fixing the issue within the 2 business day grace period. The ratio of violations to citations proves that this policy is working.

Remember the goal of our compliance program is not to collect fines, but to correct the data.

We seek to ensure the MLS is a trading platform for our members with relevant, timely, accurate, and reliable data. If you are unclear on a rule or uncertain as to procedure, please contact your NNRMLS Team.