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So here it is the end of 2017…it’s easy to find your year-end sales by using the Paragon MLS Statistical Reporting! This is your quick guide to running your sales:

Via your Launchpadhttp://launchpad.nnrmls.com, go to Paragon and click the Resources tool icon on the top banner:

And then click Statistical Reporting:

Statistical Reporting
You will land on the main Stat Reporting home page — click the Sales Detail folder under the Broker folder:

Select Sales Detail

The Sales Detail folder will expand with three choices; they appear under the Broker folder and to the right under the Sales Detail description. Click on the link named Agent.

Agent Folder

Now you will see a criteria page; fill this in with only the necessary information. NOTE: It is not necessary to fill in Board ID. In this sample, you can see we only filled in the Date Range. (Listing Owner was pre-filled for us). Now click the Generate button on the right.


You will see your Sales Detail; including your List Agent and Sale Agent sales:

Sales Detail Report

At the bottom of the window, you will find your List-side and Sale-side Volumes along with Total Volume.

List Side and Sales Side

Aren’t you glad you read this article? Happy Stat Reporting!