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UPDATE Friday 2-21-14: From Paragon MLS; “The Voice Alert/Text message functionality remains disabled at this time, (2/21/14) and will remain disabled through the weekend. An additional communication will be sent informing you when it will be reactivated.”

UPDATE Thursday 2-20-14: The Voice Alert/Text message functionality remains disabled at this time. The Paragon team will reevaluate the situation Friday, Feb. 21st, and communicate the status of the issue.

On Weds, Feb 19th, the Paragon team sent you an email explanation of issues that occurred on Tuesday affecting saved searches, auto-notification and an apology as well. They also sent a separate explanation and apology to any of your clients that might have been affected.

Original Post Concerning Issues From Weds AM, Feb. 19th:


Paragon MLS has turned off auto emails, including Client Connect notifications, because of an issue that occurred during the software update they implemented Tuesday, February 18, 2014. NNRMLS received the following message from Paragon this morning:

“As many of you have reported, users have identified listings that were improperly matched to saved searches. We are aware of the reported inaccuracies in matches and auto-notifications and are working on resolving the issue. Prospecting (auto emails) has been temporarily disabled to prevent any invalid matches from being sent to clients. Our Development, Quality Assurance and Customer Care teams are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We will follow up with additional information once the issue has been resolved and Notifications are activated again. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

NNRMLS has been informed any properties that are not sent out via auto email during this time will be “saved up” and sent once the system is restored to normal functionality. Currently, there is no estimated time of resolution, but we will post updates as we hear progress in resolving this issue. Please contact us if you have questions: email: support@nnrmls.com, phone; 823-8838, Twitter; @NNRMLS.

February 19, 2014

Re: Issue affecting Saved Searches and Auto-Notifications

The issue where Agents and Consumers may have received Prospecting Auto-notification emails with invalid matches has been resolved and the Email task for notifications will be re-enabled later today. To assist in updating Agents and Consumers, BKFS MLS has gathered the list of email addresses of those potentially impacted and have sent the communications below.

Agent Email

Good afternoon,

Following our release last night we began receiving reports of errors related to auto-notifications. As a result, we immediately suspended delivery of notification emails until the root cause could be identified and resolved. We have identified and released the fix and the emails will resume later today.

In an effort to assist in mitigating this with your Clients, we will be sending the Email below to each Client who received any auto-notification during this period (11 p.m. to 9 a.m. CT). We want to ensure that we address any confusion on where the fault lies, it lies with us.

We know that Client-side issues are impactful to you and we sincerely apologize. Rest assured, we are putting every effort into not only resolving this issue, but taking the necessary steps to prevent this from happening in the future.

Consumer Email:

Property Email didn’t look right?

We provide your agent’s MLS software system, Paragon, and, candidly, we messed up last night.

As a result of our most recent software update last night, the email directed to you by Paragon on behalf of your agent, may have included some unintended or missing property matches. The affected Emails would have been delivered between 11 p.m. and 9 a.m. CT this morning.

We have since fixed this problem and are sending the correct matches to ensure that you receive only those properties that fit your criteria. We expect these emails to be delivered later today to those who should have received them.

We know you trust your agent and the MLS to reflect timely and accurate information, as well you should. Everyone on the Paragon Team feels badly about this error, and we remain committed to providing the reliable service that you have come to expect.

Your friends at Paragon


Black Knight MLS Solutions