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As many of you know, Down Payment Resource is a free Member service, integrated right into Paragon since February 2012. DPR helps our Members and their clients navigate the process of finding the much-needed down payment funds necessary to buy a house. Currently 74% percent of homes listed for sale in Northern Nevada are eligible for down payment assistance.

RDesk IDX subscribers have the ability to instantly integrate Down Payment Resource into their IDX search pages. To enable DPR on rDesk products:

  • Click “IDX” from the menu below “Marketing”
  • Click the “Display Tab” from the horizontal tabs at the top of the window.
  • Locate the third section down, under the heading “Summary Property Information”
  • Click the box next to “DPR” so that it is checked.
  • Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the window.


Other IDX vendors operating in our market have been given specifications for adding this same functionality to your IDX site. The DPR IDX feature allows you, at no additional cost, to integrate Down Payment Resource into your IDX website so consumers can identify listings eligible for down payment assistance, learn more about the help available for them, and contact YOU for assistance.

For more information please call our office at 823-8838, email george@nnrmls.com or click on the Down Payment Resource button in the top tier of the Members’ Launchpad. The example image from the DPR landing page is below, showing the helpful links to get you started — the IDX link is highlighted in green:







If you’re not convinced yet, take a look at the webinar:
“Is your website ready for tomorrow’s first-time homebuyers?” Click here to watch this recent Down Payment Resource webinar with ReTechnology featuring an interview with 2 Minneapolis-based Realtors (You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page). Learn how they successfully incorporate first-time homebuyers into their business and use their website to meet their needs.