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The New Cloud CMA is coming to NNRMLS in September 2018!

NNRMLS is excited to announce we’ll be launching the New Cloud CMA to our membership in early September! We’ll be sending you a few emails before launch to keep you excited about this update to one of the most popular products among our membership. Read on to find out more!

Cloud 2.0 Coming!

With Cloud CMA turning 8 years old this year and more than 400,000 real estate agents using it, it was time for an update. Cloud CMA knows that as a technology company, they have to change and evolve in order to stay relevant, modern, and ultimately provide excellent service to its customers. 

The New Cloud CMA includes:

  • An updated look!
  • Improvements to the software’s Interactive CMAs and Buyer Tours!
  • New modern reports!
  • Ability to choose comps from a map view!
  • Ability to add off MLS listings to your reports!

Here’s your first sneak peek – a brand new look! Check out this video:

Introducing the New Cloud CMA: A Better Way to Make Reports | The Lightning Bolt

When you log into the New Cloud CMA, you’ll notice the interface has been updated. It now looks and feels like all other Cloud Agent Suite tools – Cloud Streams and Cloud MLX.

Take a look:

Recent Reports

The makers of Cloud made sure that the new CMA is responsive on any device you are working from – whether it be your computer, laptop, tablet, or even your phone. They’ve designed the Home screen so you can get to what you need faster. You can see your most recent reports, create a new report, or even see what’s new with the Cloud Agent Suite.

Here’s a look from a mobile phone:

Cloud Mobile View

Don’t worry, you’ll always be able to switch back to the “Classic” version of Cloud CMA, but we have a feeling once you try the New Cloud CMA you’ll have a hard time going back! 

Remember New Cloud CMA will launch for you in early September! Stay tuned to this blog for more sneak peeks! 

Note: Much of the content for this post is courtesy of W+R Studio’s blog, The Lightning Bolt, and you can click here to read the original post.