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Property Details for Discovery Bay CA

For those who miss the mortgage and tax information you used to access via TaxInsight, NNRMLS has a deal for you!  The product is called PDR LitePDR stands for Property Detail Report.

This is not TaxInsight, nor is it meant to be. That product was discontinued by the vendor and continues to occupy the annals of the real estate software dustbin! This is a report based on the essential information most Members reported they missed when TaxInsight was discontinued. It includes comprehensive transfer history, tax information, public school reports, sales comps and demographics.

Ready to jump right in? Here’s how to find it:

1. Find your property in Paragon and view it in an MLS or Client All Fields.
Please Note: This program can only be accessed through Paragon and can only be accessed via an existing listing within Paragon. This program will not pull property data for listings not entered into the MLS. Please Note: NNRMLS offers GeoJet, RPR and Find – all alternative solutions for accessing information on properties not listed in the MLS.

2. Click the blue action icon that has a white bar graph on it. PDR Lite action iconMLS all fields with PDR Lite icon

3. You’ll be taken directly to PDR Lite. We hope you enjoy this valuable Member service!

*Want to find transfer data using RPR, (REALTORS Property Resource)? Click here to read an article that tells you how.