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What is a browser? A browser is software installed on your computer that interprets and displays information from the World Wide Web. Examples of browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Why does it matter? Your browser is your portal to Paragon and many other web-based tools and sites. If you are not using a current browser, you may experience difficulties when visiting web pages or using Paragon.

Which browser can I use with Paragon? You can use Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 or 10 and Safari. Please refer to the compatibility policy below:

What is a cookie? A cookie is a small file placed on your computer by a website you visit. This file is read by the website each time you visit, then provides the site information. Cookies are not programs or viruses, merely data files used to personalize your web browsing. Some common uses of cookies are: saving shopping cart information for sites, saving your login information for return visits to sites and advertisements.

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What is a browser cache? A browser cache is a location on your computer your browser uses to store information. When you visit a website, the browser will save parts of the website in the cache. When you access the website again, the browser can load the page quickly because it has that saved information. This can cause problems in Paragon because although the main page looks the same, the data for listings is constantly changing as you go about your daily tasks.

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We receive numerous calls for assistance that are resolved by clearing the cookies and cache for your browser. It is normally the first step we use in our troubleshooting process and is something you can do if needed.

How to clear your cookies and browser cache:

  1. Simultaneously type: CTRL, SHIFT and DEL (This may not work on older browsers, there are instructions for older browsers here:
  2. Check the boxes for cache and cookies. (Internet Explorer calls the cache Temporary Internet file. See photos below.)
  3. Click the delete or clear button.
  4. Close and reopen your browser.

Internet Explorer 10:

Google Chrome:
Mozilla Firefox: