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Instanet name change coming on June 30, 2020

At the end of this month, the software you know as Instanet’s TransactionDesk will officially change its name to Lone Wolf Transactions (TransactionDesk Edition). You can expect the same great transaction management platform you’ve come to depend on to continue as an NNRMLS Member benefit.

What’s changing?
This is simply a name change. Lone Wolf, the parent company of Instanet’s TransactionDesk, is changing several of its products’ names. Instanet’s TransactionDesk will now be known as Lone Wolf Transactions. Authentisign, the digital signing solution included with this software, will still be known by the same name.

Why did the name change?
Lone Wolf is a large real estate software provider and has acquired quite a few products during the past few years. Their representatives tell our team this is simply an effort to help the marketing and sales department more effectively communicate the company’s offerings to its customers throughout North America. For more information on this renaming effort, please click this link: https://www.lwolf.com/blog/new-names-coming-soon-to-lone-wolf-solutions.

Are there other products from Lone Wolf?
If you visit Lone Wolf’s page, (link above) you will notice that the company has several other products besides Lone Wolf Transactions. NNRMLS membership includes Lone Wolf Transactions, but none of the other products.

Training opportunities
Would you like to take a class to learn Lone Wolf Transactions and/or Authentisign? NNRMLS is conducting FREE virtual classes. Register here: https://calendly.com/nornevmlsandrew

Agents: While on our trainer’s page, feel free to schedule a one-on-one session.

Brokers: You’re invited to schedule a VIRTUAL Office Visit from our trainer’s page on any topic, including Lone Wolf Transactions.

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