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You Can Easily Check For Old Forms and Update If Needed!

Those that use TransactionDesk, (formerly named “Instanet”), know when forms change, sometimes their templates need to be updated. This post shows a sure-fire way to check if you’ve got outdated forms in your templates, and if you do, how to add the most recent and delete the old.

1. Navigate to your TransactionDesk account and click the SetUp icon represented by the gears located on the left sidebar.

2. Now click the Transaction Templates link that appears five items up from the bottom of the list.

Transaction Templates

3. Next, find the template that you think might be out of date and click on the name. In the example below, we’re going to click on the words A Listing Template to open it.

A Listing Template

4. You will see all of the elements of your template including Detail, Contacts and Forms. Click on the arrow next to the word Forms.

Click Forms Arrow

5. Now you will be able to instantly tell if your forms need to updated! In the example below, you can see three forms that have the words This form has been disabled in red. That means those three forms are no longer active and cannot be added into a transaction. To update you will need to delete any disabled forms you see and then add the most recent versions of the forms you delete. In this example, we’re going to delete and update a single form:

Broken templates

6. To delete an outdated form from your template, click the three vertical dots that correspond to the form, then a Delete button will pop up.

Click delete

7. A confirmation message will pop up at the top of the screen; click the Yes button.

Click Yes

8. The outdated form is now deleted from your template! Now you will need to add the updated version of that form. Click the plus icon located at the top of the Forms section of your template. Then a window with folder icons will appear — click the folder that applies to your template. For instance, in our example below we’re working with a listing template and we deleted a listing-side addendum, so we will click the Listing Folder to find the latest version of the listing addendum.

Listing Folder

9. You will now see a list of listing forms. Navigate to the form or forms that you want to add to your template (you can pick more than one at a time). Click the round checkbox corresponding to the form. In the example below, we clicked the Addendum, (notice the revision date on the form is more recent than the version we deleted earlier). Now click the Add button located at the top right of the window.

Add Forms

That’s it! You now have the latest version of that form in your TransactionDesk Template! Repeat this process until no more forms say This form has been disabled.

Please Note: When you’re finished updating the forms in your templates, you can simply navigate away from the template section without saving. Once you add a form to a template, it automatically saves without additional steps needed.

As always, if you would like assistance with this or any other process relating to your NNRMLS tools, please contact us at support@nnrmls.com or call (775) 823-8838 and ask for a tech.

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