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Broker-Bullets_Plane-2014This is a reminder to our valued brokers to submit custom forms to Instanet before November 30th


The following Broker Bullet was sent directly to all NNRMLS Participants on November 13, 2014. Please contact Shelley Specchio, NNRMLS Chief Executive Officer, if you have any questions: shelley@nnrmls.com

Instanet is ready to receive Broker Forms.  Now is the time to send in your custom forms to Instanet for integration. Until November 30th, Instanet Solutions has agreed to upload and integrate ALL your brokerage forms for FREE. This limited offer will expire at the end of this month.  After Nov 30th, you may add your forms to your office forms library for $50/page.

How long will it take for my forms to show up in Instanet?

Please allow 1-3 weeks, for your broker forms to be added to your library AFTER you have sent your forms to Instanet.  The amount of time it takes Instanet to program your forms will depend on the complexity and number of pages in your library.  In order to qualify for the free forms integration, your forms must be received by Instanet on or before November 30th.  As long as they are received before the end of this month, you will not be charged for adding them to your library BUT you may not see the forms in your library until several weeks after you have submitted them.  

Form Upload Information:

Email your forms as attachments to: forms@instanetsolutions.com

In your email, be sure to include:

  • Brokerage name
  • Office ID #
  • Primary Broker name
  • Contact person’s name
  • Contact email/phone
  • Name of the files attached

Acceptable File Types

  • Word Doc
  • PDF (created from another file)
  • Excel Spreadsheets No scanned documents (image files)

You must sign in to your Instanet account at least once after emailing your forms so that the programmers will have the necessary information to match your forms to your office accounts.  Log in to Instanet via the Launchpad or through the Resources button in Paragon. Once you log in, no further action is required.If you are sending Excel documents with formulas, please include a sample (completed) version of your form as an attachment in the email to Instanet so that the programmers can verify calculations.  As always, we rely on your to help us get the word out to your agents about the upcoming changes. Please click here for our training schedule.

Additional Important Information:

NOTE: Image files such as jpgs or PDFs scanned from an original do not contain editable type which is needed in order to integrate the forms for use in Instanet.

  • Unacceptable File Types: Scanned Docs
  • NOTE: PDF files must be created from programs, not from scanned copies.

You may direct all questions to Shelley@nnrmls.com