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Next Tuesday, September 27th,  everyone will be in the NEW version of Instanet automatically. We’re confident that you’ll find Instanet’s new design more intuitive to learn and easier to use! To help you become familiar with the new Instanet Dashboard, we have developed a printable Transaction Dashboard User Guide.

The printable Transaction Dashboard User Guide will help you navigate around the new version. (And here’s the Dashboard with NO labels)instanettransactiondashboarduserguide_labeled

To help with this transition, we have been publishing weekly “Instanet Quick Tips which answer your specific questions about Instanet. These tips are searchable and printable from our blog. Here is the link to another recent blog post listing the many training tools available, “Instanet News: Try the New Version, It’s Here to Stay“. Andrew, our trainer, has added classes to the Fall MLSU schedule if you feel the need for some training.

Upcoming: Coming soon, a Transaction Tools User Guide, an in-depth look at the individual tools found on the Transaction Dashboard. Want to print all 4 of the Instanet User Guides? Click Here

Remember, all of your transactions, forms, contacts and templates are automatically included in the new version. The new version works from the exact same database as Lite and Pro — only the interface (the look and feel) is different.