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Would you like to know how to print the forms from your transaction? Read on!

From your Transaction Dashboard:

  1. Click the Green “Veggie Burger” menu located in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Click the word Forms in your Transaction Tools
  3. Click the top round checkbox to select all of your forms
  4. Choose the basket above the forms list

NOTE: If you don’t want all of your forms just click the round check boxes that correspond to the forms you want.


Click the Printer Icon in the middle of the icon list.
printNOTE: This window allows you to “click & drag” the forms into the print order that you would like — simply by clicking the 5 stacked grey lines on the left corresponding to each form.print-window-with-drag-and-drop-icons

Now click the blue Print button. PLEASE NOTE: Your screen may not look like the one in the picture below — every computer is different. Look for your similar print button/icon.blue-print