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Would you like to print a blank form? How about printing the entire Selling or Listing Packet? No problem, read on — we’ve got you covered with this article!

Click “InstanetForms” (it looks like a piece of paper), on the Accounts Toolbar located on the left side of your screen:

You’ll see a list of folders with names next to them; within these folders are all of your BLANK FORMS:Instanet forms folders

To see what forms are available and to print forms, click on a folder. In the picture below, notice you are viewing forms inside the NNRMLS folder. You can see because above the first form there’s an open folder icon that says “Viewing NNRMLS Forms“. To get back to the list of folders simply click the folder icon labeled “Back To Individual Forms“.



To print a single form, click the three stacked dots that corresponds to the form you want to print, and click Print from the Menu:

Next your computer will take over and a print window will pop up. Everyone’s computer is different and the picture below may look different than yours. The main thing to do is look for a PRINT button or PRINTER icon to click on to finish printing the document.

printing a form with chrome dialog boxYou can also print MULTIPLE forms at once!

To print multiple blank forms simply check the circular check “boxes” corresponding to the forms you want to print, and then click the printer icon in the top right of the page:

A “Print Blank Forms” window appears and now click the Print to PDF icon – (it looks like a piece of paper with the letters PDF and a down arrow on it).

Finally, to send the forms to your printer, name the PDF you’re about to print, (in the example below you can see I named my PDF “NNRMLS FORMS”). Click the Print button.

OPTIONAL: You can rearrange the forms by clicking and dragging the grey stacked handle icons that correspond to each form. Rearranging the forms is OPTIONAL.

OPTIONAL: Send the PDF to your DocBox. If this step doesn’t make sense don’t worry, IT’S NOT REQUIRED. We’ll be posting an article soon to explain it if you’re curious.

Next, your computer will take over. Because everyone’s computer is different, the picture below may look different than yours.

In the example below, double-click on the downloaded PDF in the toolbar that runs along the bottom of my screen. REMEMBER your computer might show you this downloaded file in some other way. Do your best to read any instructions that your computer has given you.

In this example a PDF pops up on my screen. Look for a PRINT button or PRINTER icon to send the document to the printer. In the example below the printer icon appears in the upper-right corner of my screen.

online pdf printingNow I can click the blue Print button in the example below to send the PDF to my printer. Again: Your computer might show a slightly different printer control window; just look for the print button or a printer icon to send the document to the printer.chrome print dialogue

That’s it! Now get those docs signed and good luck out there!