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Templates are sets of pre-arranged forms in Instanet that you can add to your transaction with just a click. Therefore using templates will make you faster and reduce uncertainty.

You can create as many templates as you wish, and create them for any type of transaction. We’ve seen that the most common are templates for the buyer-side and another for the list-side.

Let’s see how to create a template of your own:

Click on the Gear icon in the Account Tools sidebar:















Now click “Transaction Templates



You may or may not see a list of templates. Don’t worry if you don’t have any templates or if you have templates that you don’t recognize. For this tutorial we are simply concerned with creating our own template. To do so click the Add button in the right corner of your screen.

Next you should see the Create window. Name your template, pick the Type from the Type drop-down list. (Remember: Residential Sale=Buyer Side and Residential Listing=Seller Side) Below you will see a blank Create window, and in the following screenshot you will see one that is filled out for a listing template.

template-4Below you can see the Create window filled out. The Description is optional.

template-5After filling in the Create window you will land on your template. It is now saved in your account, but you still need to add forms. Click on the plus mark to the right of the word Forms.

Next, click on the folder you would like to select your forms from:

template-7Click the name of the forms to select them for your template. When you’re done picking forms, click the Add button.

All of the forms you clicked will automatically show in your template. They will show in the order that you clicked them in the previous step. WARNING: Don’t add your name or your brokerage! If you do, you’ll make duplicate contacts which are hard to get rid of.

template-9Notice in the picture below that you can click and drag the forms into the order that you want them to appear. Putting them in the correct order now will ensure that they go into your transactions in the correct order every time!

Below you’ll notice that there are several things you can do to your template forms by clicking on the three stacked dots that correspond to each form. The options are Preview, Download, Add mandatory lock, Edit form and Delete.

Now let’s see how to add the template to an existing transaction. First open a transaction, then click on the three stacked dots in the upper-right of the screen. Then click on Apply template. (Hint: you can also add a template when you create a transaction, this is not shown below).

You can edit your template at any time by clicking on the Gears in the left-side Account Toolbar, then find the template you want to change and click Edit.

If you’d like to find out more about editing a template click this link:New DUTIES OWED Forms Released — Update Your Instanet Templates Immediately

Personal Templates vs. Office Templates

There are two types of templates: Agent Templates and Office Templates


Agent Templates — Templates that you create and are not shared. Agent templates have an icon next to them that look like a person’s head.
Office Templates — Templates that your broker creates and makes available to the entire firm. Only brokers or office admins can create office templates. An office template can be copied by an agent, and the copy can be edited.

office-template-iconOffice templates have an icon next to them that look like people’s heads.