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One of the top questions we get from our Members is ‘How do I add a Trust and its Trustee to my forms?

It’s fairly straightforward but it’s a bit hidden in the contact profile, so it can be hard to find until someone shows you the steps. We will go over the process in this tutorial.

1) When One Trustee Needs to Sign for a Trust

TIP: It’s easiest to do it through the Contacts file in the Transaction folder.

Go to the contacts file within your Transaction: If you don’t have a contact yet, add a contact by clicking on the plus mark. Need more instruction on how to add a contact to a transaction? Click here to watch a how-to video:

Click on the Contact name, in this case, “Megalister Trust“, to edit the way the name appears on the form:

You will land on the General tab, (see the picture below). You need to visually verify that your contact is named how you would like in the General tab. YOU’RE NOT DONE! If you want the Contact to appear as a “Trust” in the form, but you want the Signature to show the “Trustee” name, then you have to edit the Contact in the Preferred section. To do so click on the Preferred tab:

In  the Preferred tab add the name of the Trust into Preferred name and the signature of the Trustee in the Preferred Signature. Click the Save button when the name is how you want it. (Preferred Initials are optional, apply only if you’re using Authentisign –Instanet’s E-sign software, and they will auto-fill with the first, middle and last initial later if you leave it blank).

You’re pretty much done at this point…good job!

It’s always good to check your work: Go to your forms and verify that the Preferred name appears as the name of the client throughout the contract (except the signature line). In the case below, the seller is a Trust named “Megalister Trust” This is the same name you gave the Trust in the Preferred Name line of the contact profile.

4The signature line of the contract is populated with the Preferred Signature information from the contact profile. In the case below, the Trustee signing on behalf of the Trust is “Poppy Megalister Trustee“.5
2) When Two Trustees Need to Sign For One Trust

What you just read works great for one Trustee, but what if you have two Trustees that need to sign for one Trust? Then you will want to suppress the Preferred name of the second trustee with a dash, “-“, and then just add the Trustee’s name to the Preferred Signature. Here’s how:

Go to the Contacts file for the Transaction you’re working in and click on the second Trustee’s name. (*If you don’t have the contact entered yet click the “+” mark to add a new contact to the transaction). Need more instruction on how to add a contact to a transaction? Click here to watch a how-to video:

Now you should visually check that the information in the General section is how you want it. REMEMBER: The General info will be overwritten by what you enter in the Preferred section! To add the Trust and Trustee information click the Preferred tab.

Since we don’t want the Trust to appear as a second seller on the contract, (we only want the second trustee to appear on the signature line), add a hyphen/dash “” in the Preferred name line. Now add the Preferred Signature the way you want it to appear on the signature line of the contract. In the example below I’ve typed in “Bunny T. Megalister Trustee“. Click the Save button when you’re happy with what you’ve typed.

You’ve finished the hard part, but again; it’s always good to check your work; here’s how:

Go to the Forms file for the Transaction you’re working in and open the form you want by clicking on the name of the form:

In the example below, we’ve opened the Listing contract (“Exclusive Right to Sell“). If you look at the two seller lines closely, you’ll see that the first seller is the name of the Trust, (in this case “Megalister Trust“) and the second seller is suppressed and shows as a dash, ““. That’s because you entered a hyphen/dash, “” in the Preferred Name line of the contact profile.

Now let’s take a look at the signature page of the same listing contract. Notice in the example below that both trustees’ full names appear under the signature lines, followed by the words “Trustee”. They appear this way because we typed the information into the Preferred Signature line in the contact profile.

Please let our staff know if you have any questions about this process or any other Instanet questions. We’d be happy to help and are in the office M,T,W,F 8am-5pm and Th 9am-5pm. Call 823-8838 to ask for a tech or email You can also call Instanet support 24 hours/day 7 days/week at 1-800-668-8768.