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(…unlike the Old Lite and Pro Versions)

You have probably heard that there is a new version of Instanet available. In fact, since first announced in April, over 30% of NNRMLS members have started to use it regularly!  But for those of you who have not yet given it a try, we encourage you to get familiar with it. When members log into Instanet on September 27th, everyone will be in the NEW version automatically.Agent Dashboard

We’re confident that you’ll find Instanet’s new design more intuitive to learn and easier to use. To help with this transition, we are publishing weekly “Instanet Quick Tips”, click here which are small ‘bytes’ of information to answer your specific questions about Instanet. These tips are searchable and printable from our blog.  

No need to wait until September 27th, we encourage you to start working in the New Version of Instanet today! All of your transactions, forms, contacts and templates are automatically included in the new version. The new version works from the exact same database as Lite and Pro — only the interface (the look and feel) is different.

Until November, you will have the ability to move out of the new version and back into your comfort zone, but we recommend you use the next 2 months to become proficient in the new and improved version of Instanet so that you are not caught with a learning curve an hour before you meet with your client.

Why the switch? Like any other application or program, the old Instanet versions needed to be upgraded. Think about how Google, Apple and Microsoft have all changed their products, sometimes drastically, over the last decade. Changes in software, especially improvements in user interface, are now expected and predictable events. Prepare yourself for success by becoming familiar with this new version now!

What’s Different?

  • Find what you need with fewer clicks
  • Access recently created transactions, forms and signings all from the new dashboard
  • Customize the dashboard according to your preferences
  • More mobile device and touch friendly – easier to use on the go
  • Features “Drag & Drop” upload of your files
  • New checklists to help with organization
  • Improved, powerful brokerage file management tools

There is a huge tutorial video library available for you to use within Instanet:

Broker Dashboard Functions
Settings/User Preferences
Stand Alone InstanetForms
Stand Alone DocBox

We have published several NNRMLS Blog Posts:

Try the New Verison of TransactionDesk
Instanet Quick Tip: How to Switch to the New Version
Instanet Quick Tip: The Agent Dashboard
Instanet Quick Tip: Using the Transaction WIZARD
Instanet Quick Tip: How to Start a Transaction

Don’t hesitate! Please begin using the New Version now.

  • When you log into the system on September 27th you will be in the new version.
  • The new version takes the best features from Lite and Pro
  • Temporarily, to give you time to learn the new system, you will be able to move from the new version back into the older versions of Lite and Pro.
  • In November, Lite and Pro will be disabled by Instanet – the new version will become the only version. 

The old versions of Instanet (Lite and Pro) will be no longer be accessible this November. Try the New Version today!