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Is it time to replace your current computer? Are you are concerned about your new computer’s compatibility with Paragon? Here are some tips:

What type of computer do you want or need? As technology advances there are more varieties of computers available for your personal and business use. We can categorize small computers into three different groups: desktops, laptops and tablets. The desktop is a stationary computer that is installed in your home or business office. A laptop is a portable computer with wireless capability that has an attached keyboard and removable power supply. A tablet is smaller than a laptop, may or may not have a physical keyboard and utilizes wireless and/or cellular data network connectivity.

What does all of this mean? Consider the main use for your new computer. Will you be driving around and using it to assist clients? Is it for your office only? Will you take it with you to trade shows and meetings? What other tasks will be required of your new computer? How much are you willing to spend?

Below are the main points for each category. Naturally these are not absolute, as each type can bridge two different categories as technology continues to advance.

Tablets – Tablets are good for mobile use due to ease of network access and portability. Inexpensive.

Laptops – Laptops are mobile and robust enough to perform more tasks than tablets plus allow more software installation. They are moderately expensive.

Desktops – Desktops are stationary. No batteries to worry about, customizable with both software and hardware. Desktops are the most expensive category.

What about the technical specifications, will they run Paragon? Yes. Paragon is a web-based program and will run on any machine exceeding the requirements below:

  • Processor – 800 Mhz (or higher)
  • Memory – 256 MB (or higher)
  • Internal drive – 1GB HDD (or higher)
  • Video – 1024 x 768 resolution in 16-bit color (or higher)

Full specs here: http://paragonconnect.paragonrels.com/images/documents/support/systemrequirementsbrowsercompatiblity.pdf

What do I need to install to run Paragon? Nothing. Paragon and all of the products offered through the MLS are web-based and use the latest internet browsers. (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.)  Check the following link for the latest Paragon compatibility. http://paragonconnect.paragonrels.com/index.php/p5-compatible-browsers

Where should I buy a computer? This is entirely up to you and your shopping preferences.

What brand is best? Generally if you stick with the larger more established companies, you won’t have any troubles. Should something go wrong with your new purchase the larger companies have tech support groups to help you through your troubles and some even have on-site support. The warranty of your machine will determine if and how much you’ll have to pay. The National Association of REALTORS© has the REALTOR Benefits© Program available to members and have partnered with several electronics and mobile technology companies to provide better pricing. Follow the link to learn more. http://www.realtor.org/programs/realtor-benefits-program/electronics-mobile-technology

Where can I get help? Many people have trouble with and are not comfortable installing their new computer. There are many local computer companies to assist you. Unfortunately we can’t recommend a company, but asking friends and colleagues is always a good place to start. You can also search the internet for local companies, but use caution if you use Craigslist for your search. We can give you advice on your new machine but can’t set it up for you.

Best wishes and enjoy your new computer!