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Software provider has transitioned to a new Cloud service

Don’t worry – NNRMLS has NOT expired and is here to stay! On recent visits to your member Launchpad, you may have encountered a message that said something like this, “This domain has expired and will be terminated soon. Update your Bookmarks to,” as shown in the image included in this email.

Transitioned to new Cloud service
If you’ve seen this message, it is simply due to the fact that our software provider has transitioned to a new Cloud service. Because of that, your Launchpad shortcut (Bookmark or Favorite) is out of date.

How Do I Fix This?

The fix is simple; create a new shortcut, or Bookmark, to the NNRMLS Launchpad at

How Do I Create A Shortcut To MLS?

Here are a couple of suggestions:

●     DIY: Watch our How-To Bookmark Your MLS video here:

●     Get help from NNRMLS: Call or email our Help Desk Team at (775) 823-8838 or The team is happy to help and is available M-F from 8 am-5 pm.

How Do Bookmarks and Favorites Work? What’s the Difference? Do I Have to Re-Do Them Often?

Using browser Bookmarks, or Favorites, is a great way to save the websites you visit often for quick use (Bookmarks and Favorites are essentially the same thing). It’s rare to have to change your bookmarks; usually it’s only in the case of an address/domain change to the website.