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NNRMLS is happy to announce RPR’s latest additions and changes that were incorporated in August to help make doing business easier than ever! This post contains a quick overview of the improvements; for more details, click to read the RPR August 2017 release notes

Charts refresh includes new content and cleaner visuals:

  • Discuss and share with consumers the educational levels by population within a neighborhood, zip code, county, state and the entire country
  • Updates to the Sales and Financing Activity chart (Refined Value)
  • Updates to the Walkability score on Neighborhood Details pages
  • Enhanced visuals in the Best Retail Businesses chart for a market area

Add and share customized home facts:

  • Add your own specific facts not listed within the Home Facts section on the Property Details page
  • Add your custom entries as free text if you don’t see what you want in the list
  • Build a library of custom features you may find in your local marketplace for use with future properties.
  • Custom features section now flows over to your Comp Analysis page and various RPR reports.
  • Manage your custom home facts and view the number of properties featured within your RPR work.

20,000 neighborhood boundaries updated:

  • Recent update includes updates in 25 metro areas including Chicago and Atlanta, and adds 20,000 residential areas.

Show your password when you need to:

  • Newly added visibility icon can help eliminate frustration for some users when logging into RPR, or in particular, changing their current password

RPR Mobile Features:

  • A users’ favorite, Comp Analysis, joins the mobile app
  • The Comp Analysis workflow is quick and easy, with only 4 steps start to finish. Discussed in detail in the RPR release notes

Features in the works:

  • Additional mobile functions for Comp Analysis
  • In commercial mode, tenant information for commercial buildings
  • User notifications for key events, like changes to saved properties
  • APN and Tax ID search enhancements
  • Traffic count updates
  • Speech recognition in mobile app
  • Customizable version of Commercial Trade Area Report

Need training in this product or any of our others? If you don’t see what you need on the schedule, you can request a one-on-one with our trainer, Andrew Cristancho. Email or view the schedule here.