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Frequently Asked Questions About IDX


The Basics

What is IDX?

Internet Data Exchange (IDX), sometimes referred to as “Broker Reciprocity,” gives Participants the ability to display each other’s listings on their respective websites.

How does IDX work?

New and updated listings and listing photos are fed to your IDX Vendor via a data feed from NNRMLS, and then displayed on your company’s website. All active, pending and recently sold listings are included in the data feed. IDX data feeds are delivered through what is known as a RETS feed. RETS stands for Real Estate Transaction Standard. RETS requires programming to display listings on your website.  This is why most members decide to hire an IDX Vendor with real estate programming expertise to develop their website.

What data will consumers see?

Active, pending and recently sold data will be available through the IDX program. The RETS IDX data field list is extensive and is available on request. The IDX display will not include information intended exclusively for other real estate professionals.


Fees for IDX


How much does IDX cost?

Costs for IDX can be divided into two categories: 1.The costs charged by your IDX Vendor for developing, maintaining, and hosting your IDX website. 2. The IDX licensing fees charged by NNRMLS. You’ll need to budget for both expenses for your website.

How much do IDX Vendors Charge?

The amount an IDX Vendor will charge for their services varies widely by company and features offered. Your IDX Vendor will bill either you or your broker for their services. We recommend researching the many different IDX vendors and products available from approved IDX Vendors to find the right match for your project. Click here for a list of approved IDX Vendors. Please note that NNRMLS is not involved in the pricing that vendors charge brokers or agents. Those charges are controlled by contracts outside of the IDX Broker Reciprocity Agreement, and do not involve NNRMLS in any way.

How much are the NNRMLS IDX Licensing Fees?

NNRMLS bills brokers a $15 per month licensing fee for each data feed to a vendor. Each vendor that a broker uses must have a unique data feed; however, multiple agents can utilize the same data feed.

For example:

Scenario 1 ABC Realty hires LeadPro Systems to build an IDX website for their agent Dave Moss. A $15 fee for that connection would appear on ABC Realty’s monthly NNRMLS invoice.  When Ricky Romano, who also works at ABC Realty, contracts with LeadPro Systems to build his website, there will be no additional charge from NNRMLS.  Two agents, one data feed: $15 per month from NNRMLS.

Scenario 2 ABC Realty hires LeadPro Systems to build an IDX site for Dave Moss, and Willow, Inc. to do a site for Ricky Roma.   Two agents, two data feeds: NNRMLS charges ABC Realty $30 per month.

IDX License fees are billed to the broker. NNRMLS cannot bill vendors for IDX data feeds.


Getting Started


I’m ready to sign up for IDX. How do I get started?

Begin the process of getting an IDX website by contracting with an approved IDX Vendor. Your approved IDX Vendor has been assigned credentials to the NNRMLS Vendor Portal, where they will initiate the IDX paperwork necessary to license IDX for your website. Our agreement management system will gather the required approvals and electronic signatures to complete the licensing process.

Who approves IDX for my website?

Once an IDX Agreement has been initiated by a Vendor, our system will notify your broker with a email request to review the agreement. Your broker will have the option to approve and electronically sign or reject the IDX agreement. Broker-approved agreements are forwarded to the NNRMLS IDX Team for review and approval. Our agreement management system will keep all parties updated on the agreement’s progress through email notifications.

Vendors can register new websites to your broker’s previously-approved IDX Agreements. When new websites are added to approved IDX Agreements, the Website Registration requests are automatically sent to your broker for approval. MLS approval is not required for additional websites added to an already approved agreement.

How long does it take?

Getting your new IDX website up and running can take anywhere from 1 day to several weeks, largely dependent on your vendor’s timeline. NNRMLS will approve new IDX Agreements from approved IDX vendors within 3 business days following your broker’s approval and electronic signature.

How does my web designer become an approved IDX vendor?

Your web designer can request to become an approved IDX vendor by clicking on the “Register for New Account” link on the NNRMLS Vendor Portal login page at  Approval will be granted following a compliance review of the vendor’s products. There is no cost to become an approved vendor. Once a vendor has been approved, they will have access to the NNRMLS Vendor Portal and will be able to initiate an IDX Agreement for your project.


Managing your IDX Licenses


I’m not using my IDX website anymore, how do I cancel IDX?

Using the IDX page of the Members Website, you can quickly cancel the IDX license for your website. Simply log on to the member site with your NNRMLS credentials, browse to the IDX page here, and click the “Cancel” button under the Options column of the IDX report.

In addition to cancelling your NNRMLS IDX license, be sure to contact your IDX Vendor to cancel services directly, as they otherwise may continue to bill you for their website fees.

I’m a broker, how do I get a list of agents in my office using IDX?

Using the Broker IDX Management page of the Members Website, you can view, print and download a PDF report of the IDX Websites associated with your account, including those website belonging to agents in your office.

How do I cancel an IDX license for a website belonging to a current or former agent?

Using the Broker IDX Management page of the Members Website, you can cancel IDX Agreements and Websites associated with current and former agents for your office.


Participation in IDX


Why should I participate in IDX?

The spirit of IDX is the wide distribution and display of active and sold MLS listings to the public through Participants as a marketing effort that best serves the consumer. Allowing other Participants display your listings on the Internet is a business decision each Participant must make.

IDX allows you to compete with other popular listing websites. Your website can be a premier location for consumers to view listings, learn about your brokerage, your experience, abilities, and qualifications, allowing you to successfully market your services and attract new consumers on a 24/7/365 basis.

Does IDX conflict with Nevada real estate license law/Code of Ethics?

IDX is consistent with Nevada real estate license law and the NNRMLS Rules and Regulations. IDX is consistent with the Code of Ethics since no display of other Participants’ listings can occur without their consent.

Can agents participate in IDX and have the NNRMLS database on their individual websites?

Yes, agents may have an IDX website with their Brokers’ approval. Here’s how:

  • The agent’s brokerage firm must be contributing its listings to the IDX program.

  • The agent may use their own IDX vendor to create the IDX search engine, but only with the permission of the agent’s broker and the execution of a separate NNRMLS IDX Agreement.

  • The agent’s website must prominently feature the brokerage’s branding. The brokerage’s branding must be equal to or larger than the agent’s personal branding.

Do I have to allow other Participants to display my listings on their websites?

Participants are free to withhold permission for display on IDX websites either on a listing-by-listing or blanket (IDX opt-out) basis. Listings excluded from the feed on an individual basis are flagged during the listing input process when the listing agent selects “Internet=No”. If you choose to completely opt-out all listings in your company, contact for the IDX Opt-Out form and instructions. Please note that choosing to opt-out of IDX prevents you from participating in the IDX program and featuring listings from other brokerages on your website.

What happens if I won’t allow other Participants to display my listings on their website?

If you prohibit the display of your listings by other Participants by opting-out, you may not display their listings on your website.

Will NNRMLS syndicate my listings to portals like Zillow and if I do not participate in IDX?

Yes. Non-participation in IDX will not result your listings being withheld from syndication. Syndication preferences are set by the Broker, independent of IDX. However, if “Internet=No” is selected during listing input, the listing will not be fed to any websites.

What happens if someone abuses IDX?

A Participant must agree to the terms of the NNRMLS IDX Agreement prior to having the listing information appear on the Participant’s website. Displaying IDX data without an IDX agreement is a violation of NNRMLS’ IDX Rules and Regulations.

In the event of a violation of the NNRMLS IDX Rules and Regulations or a breach of the NNRMLS IDX Agreement, which is not cured within five (5) calendar days, NNRMLS may: (1) immediately terminate the NNRMLS IDX Agreement and any applicable data feed; (2) impose any fine, suspension, expulsion or other remedy applicable to a breach of the NNRMLS Rules and Regulations; and (3) pursue any and all legal remedies available by law.

Must the listing broker be identified when I display listings on my website?

Yes. The listing broker must be included on the listing body in a font that is the same color and size as the largest font used in the listing body contents.  In thumbnail views of listing search results, we permit the use of the Broker Reciprocity logo in place of the listing broker, where display of the broker’s company name would not fit or be readable.

Can my listing information be modified when it is displayed on Participants’ websites?

No. The NNRMLS Rules and Regulations prohibit the modification of IDX data.

How do my listings get included in IDX data feeds?

All active, pending and recently sold listings of participating brokers will be included in the daily data feed automatically, unless otherwise indicated during the listing input process. Listings can also be modified later to either add or remove a specific listing from Internet distribution.

I’m a new broker how do I opt-in?

Every Participant automatically participates in the IDX program unless an opt-out form is completed and submitted to NNRMLS.

Can I share NNRMLS listings on Social Media?

If you have an IDX website, you can post links to pages on your site to social media. If the pages on your site contain listing data belonging to other brokers, you must credit the listing broker in your post. Additionally, your post must contain your Real Estate License number. Outside of the IDX licensing framework, you must obtain permission from the listing broker prior to using their listing in your advertising content.

For more information

For more information about IDX, contact the NNRMLS IDX Team