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Good day to you Reader!

Many Northern Nevada Regional MLS Members have called our team to report that while attempting to log into Paragon they receive a Clareity Security Error, that says, “An error occurred while processing your request…,” see below for an example of this message.

Never fear Paragon user! The fix is simple albeit a little inconvenient if you’re like me and work with 10 tabs opened to just as many programs that I’ve already logged into. Sorry about that!

Here’s how to get back into Paragon quickly:

1. Close all instances of the current browser window(s). I say all here because closing the current Internet window but leaving one or more open in the background will not fix this issue.

1a. (FOR MAC USERS): Mac users must “quit” their browsers before this fix will take; to do this click on the name of the browser in the toolbar at the top of the page, (it’ll say something like “Safari” or “Firefox”), then at the bottom of that dropdown menu select “Quit [browser name]”.

2. Bring a browser window back up.

3. Navigate to Paragon and try to log in again.
You should be able to log in successfully after that, if not try to clear the cookies and temp files from your browser.

If you would like help doing this please contact the NNRMLS team at 775-823-8838 or at support@nnrmls.zendesk.com.

Thank you for reading, & please let me know if this helped. You can also leave a comment letting me know what sort of articles you would like to see posted on this blog in the future.