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Are you in the mood for a light and fun read, possibly shedding light on how you interact with your clients? REALTORmag recently posted an article that you’re going to love, “Do You Know Your Emoji Etiquette?“.

Sending colorful emojis started out as a casual practice between friends and family, but now it is being used in business communication as well. Do emojis have a place in real estate marketing campaigns? Look at this fictitious listing for the White House. Warning: it takes a while to read!

Here are the top five tips for buyers and seller in emoji icons
And a great video, too!

In reading the REALTORmag article and following the links, you’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of sending these cute little word pictures. For instance, avoid using them if the topic is serious, don’t assume that all clients like them and make sure you choose the appropriate one.

To take a quiz and test your emoji knowledge, click here.

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