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NNRMLS now has a Listing Status Page that will serve as the official source of information about the listing statuses here at the Northern Nevada Regional MLS. Welcome to the “How To Use The NNRMLS Listing Status Information Webpage” blog post!

What is the NNRMLS Listing Status Information Webpage and What is the Intended Purpose?

The new NNRMLS Listing Status Information Webpage is a page connected to the NNRMLS Members Launchpad and Members Website. Click here, or click the image above, to visit the Listing Status Page. The page is designed for our members to have one, online location where you can go to verify the meaning of the different listing statuses at NNRMLS and their intended applications. Not just a static PDF document this resource is a dynamic webpage that can be updated by NNRMLS Staff and Leadership when needed. The advantage to a webpage over a PDF are manifold:

  • Reduce the chance of outdated information, decrease misinformation about listing statuses
  • Dynamically-updated webpage ensures that when Brokers, Agents and Appraisers are training office staff and colleagues there will always be a current source of “truth” regarding NNRMLS listing statues
  • Easily updated when the NNRMLS Board of Trustees and Leadership find it necessary to modify a status

NNRMLS takes data integrity seriously and this new page will inform our members of the correct listing status information they need while entering a listing into the MLS database, or while searching the market. It also allows members to verify the best-use information surrounding those statuses.

How do I find the NNRMLS Listing Status Information Page?

First, log into your Member Launchpad, then click the Members Website button, once you are viewing the Members Website click the FAQ tab at the top of the page, you will then see a link for the Listing Status Information Page, click that link to access the page.

Why did NNRMLS Create the Listing Status Information Page?

The creation of this page was approved by our Board of Trustees and requested by many members who asked for a central location where they could find the official definitions of listing statuses.

Did You Know That You Can Print A Copy Of The Listing Status Information Page?

For your convenience, we added a Print Button to the Listing Status Page so that you can easily print a copy of the status definitions to take with you on a listing appointment with a client or to present at your next office meeting! Pro Tip: The text says “Download/Print” because when you click the button it actually saves a PDF copy of the Listing Status page to your computer’s downloads folder then our web development design automatically opens that downloaded PDF on your screen so it is ready to print.