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NNRMLS now has a Coming Soon Showing Violation Reporting Page that we designed to bring our data-accuracy into sharper focus, lend accountability to the listing input process and help to bring clarity to the market for the buying and selling public that our valued membership serves day in and day out!  Welcome to the How To Use The NNRMLS Coming Soon Showing Violation Reporting Webpage blog post!

What is the NNRMLS Coming Soon Showing Violation Reporting Webpage and What is the Intended Purpose?

The new NNRMLS Coming Soon Showing Violation Reporting Webpage is a page connected to the NNRMLS Members Website. Click here to visit the Violation Reporting Page. The page is designed for our members to report showing violations on Coming Soon listings using a step-by-step process and a custom web form. The page is designed to only accept reports of showing violations of the Coming Soon status. All other listing violations should still be reported using the “Correction” button in Paragon MLS.

NNRMLS takes Showing Violations seriously and will investigate all substantiated violation reports. If you have questions or comments about the Showing Violation Reporting process or other issues related to violations of listing statuses including Coming Soon, please email us at compliance@nnrmls.com. For privacy reasons, we are unable to provide details on the status or outcome of a specific violation report. We respect and protect your confidentiality in our compliance process. We do not disclose the identity of the person reporting a violation to the party being reported. You may also choose to submit a violation report anonymously using this page.

How-To Find and Use the NNRMLS Coming Soon Violation Reporting Webpage:

To find the NNRMLS Listing Status Page first log into your Member Launchpad, then click the Members Website button, once you are viewing the Members Website click the Tools tab at the top of the page, you will then see a link to “Report a Coming Soon Showing Violation” page, click that link to access the page and to report a showing violation on a coming soon listing.


The image above depicts the Tools dropdown menu located at the top of the NNRMLS Members Website. Nested in this menu is the link for the NNRMLS Coming Soon Showing Violation Reporting Page.


To report a Showing Violation on this page follow these four steps:

Steps 1 & 2:

Fill in the Street Address, MLS number if available, the date of the showing violation, and indicate who showed the property. Also please provide a detailed description of the incident.

Property Info

The image above depicts the first two steps of reporting a Coming Soon Showing Violation.

Steps 3 & 4:

Upload any supporting documentation you feel would be helpful for our team to substantiate the report. Users can upload a picture, Word document or PDF from their computer using the “Choose Files” button. The reporting party can also submit the violation anonymously, however that will prevent the NNRMLS from being able to reach out to the reporting party if our team has further questions. NOTE: NNRMLS always protects the identity of the reporting party from the party being accused whether the reporting party files the report anonymously or not. Double-check your work and then click Submit Violation Report.

The image above depicts steps 3 and 4 of reporting a Coming Soon Showing Violation.

NOTE: The Coming Soon status is intended to provide an option for Listing Agents and their Sellers who want to finalize a listing contract, begin to market their listing while the property is being prepared for showings, but are not yet ready to show the listing.  In order for the status to work as intended in our market, it must be used properly by both listing and selling agents. Using the status incorrectly misrepresents the availability of access to show or inspect the listed property — a violation of NNRMLS Rules and Regs — damages the data-accuracy reputation of the NNRMLS, and thus does a disservice to the public, your fellow real estate professionals and the market. We rely on the professionalism of our broker and agent members to enable us to continue to provide Coming Soon as an MLS listing status.


For training opportunities, visit our Tech Help page and look for the “Visit the Tech Bar” button. Please feel free to contact us at compliance@nnrmls.com with questions!