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Did you know the MLS Tax Suite by CRS Data includes a Home Improvement Adjustment tool that makes it easy and fun to estimate the value of home improvements? Here’s a video tutorial, (courtesy CRS Data), so you can quickly see just how easy they’ve made it. From kitchen upgrades to high-end bathroom renovations, you can find an accurate estimate for all types of projects. Here’s how:
Log into your Launchpad and click “CRS Data.”
CRS Data logo
You will then land on the homepage of your MLS Tax Suite account provided to you via your NNRMLS membership. Search for a property in the Simple Search Bar.
Simple Search Bar

You will be taken to the Property Report for the property you searched for; click on the Comparables tab.

Comparables tab

Now click on the Home Improvement Adjustment link (in the blue horizontal bar) and pick the adjustment from the drop down you want pricing for:

Choose improvement

Enter a price and click Submit (yellow button). The MLS Tax Suite will quickly amortize the improvement according to a proprietary algorithm and include that amount into your Home Improvement Value.



Would you like to find out more about CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite?  Register here for our exclusive webinar this September.

You can also watch help videos from CRS Data on their Vimeo channel or contact them  at (800) 374-7488 ext 3, or email at getHelp@crsdata.com. Contact NNRMLS Help Desk M-F, 8-5 at support@nnrmls.com.