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Want to find mortgage records, public school & demographics information and sales comps all in one place? You might consider using PDR Lite, also known as the Property Detail Report.

Ready to find out how to use it? Let’s dive in:

1. Find your property in Paragon and view it in MLS All Fields, Client All Fields or a Book Report. Please Note: This program can only be accessed through Paragon and can only be accessed via an existing listing within Paragon. This program will not pull property data for listings not entered into the MLS.

2. Click the green action icon that has a white bar graph on it. PDR Lite action iconMLS all fields with PDR Lite icon

3. You’ll be taken directly to PDR Lite, and the Property Summary will be checked by default. This is the main report within this product and gives transfer history, (the most requested feature by our Membership).

4. The transfer history , AKA “Property Summary” report, is just one of the reports you can run with this program. There’s also a Sales Comp, Demographic and Public Schools report. You can run them individually or all in one report by chekcing the boxes that correspond to the report names and clicking the Go button.

PDR Lite report checkboxes

Note: When you check a box you’re requesting that report, if you run them all together you might receive a nine to 10 page report for the property.

5. Once you run one or more of the PDR Lite reports you can then print, email or save the result.

To read the PDR Lite launch announcement Click Here.
To read an article about how to find transfer data using RPR, (REALTORS Property Resource), Click Here.

We hope PDR Lite helps you in your business — let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!