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Learn Paragon’s New Mobile Web App

NNRMLS has launched the future of Paragon MLS; Paragon Connect! The new web application, allows you to use the program on any device. This guide will help you understand some of the most important features of Paragon Connect like Property Search, Contact Manager, Open House & Tour Search, and more.

How And Where Do I Access Paragon Connect?

Because Paragon Connect is a mobile website and not a phone app, you can use it with any device including your Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop!

The easiest method to access Paragon Connect is via direct link: https://nnrmls.paragonrels.com/ParagonConnect/nnrmls/Account/Login. Use this direct link with any device; mobile, or desktop! If you’d like to know other ways to access Paragon Connect click this link to read our blog The Future of Paragon MLS is Here.

Working With Contacts In Paragon Connect

Now that you’re in Paragon Connect, let’s have a look around. Below there’s an image of the Homepage and as you can see any contact you’ve entered into Collab Center will show right on this page! You can swipe through your contacts using the grey side arrows that appear to the right and left of each contact’s head shot or initials. There are two ways that you can access all of your Paragon contacts:

  • The first method is from the homepage; simply swipe right until you see a grey plus mark that says Show More, you can then click this plus mark to see all of your contacts and add new contacts into the Paragon system.
  • The second method, (not shown, is to click the Main Menu icon – it looks like three stacked lines in the upper left corner of the page), and click Contact Manager. Remember Paragon Connect and Paragon Desktop share the same database so contacts, searches and listings show in real time in both applications.

There are colorful dots appearing around the George Washington image (see above), that will appear around the contact as they take action in their Collab Center for Buyers. You can also interact with your clients’ comments by scrolling down the homepage to see their latest comments. An example of this appears below:

When you click on the Sellers tab you will see your listings, and if you’ve associated a Paragon contact to a listing, you can begin to see statistics indicating agent and buyer interest.

Searching with Paragon Connect

Besides working with your contacts, one of the greatest features of Paragon Connect is its detailed search functionality. You can either use the Quick Search bar at the top of the Homepage to search for listings, agents and contacts…

Searching with Paragon Connect

Or, you can conduct a full search by clicking the Main Menu, (looks like three stacked lines), and then click Property Search and select the class you want to search:

Property Search

When your search criteria page opens for the first time, you’ll be presented with an infographic of how to use the page. To hide the infographic, simply click the white X at the top right of the screen. One of the strengths of Paragon Connect is that it’s similar to Paragon Desktop and it will seem familiar.

Number of Listings Found

Next, add in the criteria you want, or click the More menu at the top to find a previously saved search, then use the Search Now button at the bottom. Notice the small button to the right of the Search Now button allows you to see your listings in Thumbnail, Grid or Map View. To change the view, simply click the button, tap your choice, then click Search Now.

Primary Criteria

Once you click Search Now, you will see the results of your search. Below shows the Grid view and you can easily switch to Map or Thumbnail view by clicking on the small Views button in the upper right. You can also tap on Criteria at the top left of the screen to switch back to the Criteria page to change your search parameters, or to bring up another search. If you want to save this search, you will need to click on Criteria and click More.


If you want to email or text a listing, or several listings, you can do that from the Thumbnail or Grid views. Select the listings you want to share and then click on More and choose either email or text:


Share Listing

View a full listing detail report start on any of the views: grid, thumbnail or map. When you tap on a listing, you will see all of the details you expect from Paragon Desktop. There are also several integrations you can use under the share button from a listing detail report. As you can see from the second screenshot down, you can not only email and text a single listing, you can also open it in Cloud CMA, run Community Demographic reports, open it in RPR, CRS Data or Homesnap or request a Showing with ShowingTime!

Share and integrate with...

My Location Search is another great way to utilize Paragon Connect while you’re out in the field. Click the Main Menu, (looks like three stacked lines in the upper left), and click My Location Search:

My Location Search

Now you have options to search the MLS for listings in your immediate area, (click Current Location), or searching for listings around an address or landmark, (click Custom Address and enter an Address or landmark name). In the example below, we’re searching our current location for residential listings that are Active, New, Back On Market, Extended and Price Reduced. After you’ve entered search parameters like we did below, click Search:

Choose location

You will be presented with a map view of listings near you. If you’d like to further refine your search, tap Criteria in the top left, or if you would like to reset your location search, click the Location button in the upper left. You can easily switch to Grid or Thumbnail view by clicking on the small Views button in the upper right. You can also switch between five different map views by tapping the Default Map button in the bottom left corner.

Map View

Another popular function is the Tour and Open House search. Click the Main Menu, (looks like three stacked lines in the upper left), then click on Tour and Open Houses. Keep in mind that NNRMLS members in both the Reno-Sparks Association of REALTORS® and Sierra Nevada REALTORS® territories conduct Open Houses, however only members in the Sierra Nevada REALTORS® territory conduct Tours.

Choose Tours and Open Houses

The next step is to add in your criteria. Choices for criteria include Open House or Tour, Class, Status, Area, Data Range and Price Range. After you enter your criteria, you will click on the Search button at the bottom of the page, (that button is not shown in the screenshot below):

Open House/Tours

Next you will see a Grid view of all of the available listings with Open House events or that are part of a Tour. You can also toggle to the Map view with the small Map icon at the top right of the page:

Open House and Tour Results

Map View

We hope you enjoy all of the functionality that Paragon Connect has to offer you whether you access it from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop!

Support & Training:

NNRMLS has support M,T,W,F 8 am – 5 pm and Th 9 am – 5 pm. Call (775) 823-8838 or email support@nnrmls.com
Brokers can schedule office visits here
Brokers and agents can schedule one-on-one appointments with our trainer here

Paragon Support:

Call 1-877-657-4357 or email Paragonsupport@bkfs.com
Paragon’s support hours: M-F: 6 am – 8 pm, CT, Saturday: 9 am – 3 pm, CT, Sunday: 11 am – 3 pm, CT