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Are you wondering how to use the mobile MLS on your droid phone? How about creating a homescreen shortcut so your MLS info is just a finger tap away? Here’s how:

Navigate to http://nnrmls.mobile.paragonrels.com.
Log in with your Paragon credentials.
Bring up your phone’s menu.

Tap the Bookmarks icon.
Add the mobile MLS to your bookmarks.
You’ll be asked to rename your bookmark, or you can keep the phone’s default name.
Tap OK.

Go to your homescreen.
Hold your finger on the screen until the “Add to Home Screen” message pops up.
Tap “Shortcuts.”
The “Select Shortcut” window will pop up.
Tab “Bookmark.”

Your bookmark screen will pop up.
Tap on the Mobile MLS bookmark you just created.
The mobile MLS icon should appear on the home screen and whenever you tap it it will open your mobile Paragon.

Now you’re set to access the entire MLS from the road!
Thanks for reading!