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Entering your Contacts is easy!

Step 1: Click Contacts and then Add Contact.

Create contact in Paragon

Step 2: Enter first and last name, email address and click Save.

Add name, etc
Step 3: If you have a listing in your Paragon MLS, the system will ask if you’d like to associate this property with the new client. This allows you to set up the client for Collab Center Sell Side, a collaborative web portal where agents can keep their sellers informed about listing metrics. If you click Not Now, you will always have the ability to associate a listing to this client at a later time.

Would you like to associate a property to this contact?

That’s it! You have now created a contact in Paragon MLS! You will be brought to the Contact Activity Dashboard of the contact profile. You can decide to close the contacts tab with the small x located on the right corner of the Contacts tab, or you can set up auto listing alerts by clicking on Buyer Activity on the left sidebar. If you want to associate a listing to the client you can click Seller Activity on the left sidebar.

Sell Side Contact Dashboard