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As you may have heard; you now have complete access to your transactions on your iPhone and iPad with the new Instanet mobile app, and it won’t cost you an extra penny to use it!

Please note: An Android version of this app is being developed.

Highlights of the Instanet (TransactionDesk) app:

  • Total access to all your transactions, forms, documents & signings
  • Quickly create transactions & e-signings from your mobile device
  • Write an offer or listing contract from your mobile device
  • Easily upload signed documents to your transaction using Apple’s “Open In” feature
  • Easily access your Apple contacts to quickly add them to a transaction or an e-signing

See what your colleagues are raving about and download it today! If you would like to watch a video tutorial on how to download and activate the app, click here!

Once you have downloaded the Instanet App, you will need to login. (Click here to watch a short video if you need help with the download process). NNRMLS recommends that you activate the app to begin using it. There is a way to login with a username and password, but since our members use a Single-Sign-On dashboard (The Launchpad) we don’t recommend that method. To activate the app, you must create an activation code you can easily generate from your Instanet account.

To get started, login to your TransactionDesk account as you normally would on your PC or mobile browser. Now navigate to Setup on the left-hand side (Click the green hamburger button in the top left-hand corner to expand the menu if needed). Now click iOS App Settings.

Once in this section, click the App Activation Code button in the top right hand corner.

A pop-up window will display a time-sensitive alphanumeric code. You only have 15 minutes to enter this into your app login page for security purposes. Copy the code down or keep the screen up on your computer. (The code shown below in the screenshot IS NOT the code you should use…this is only an example).

Next open the App on your phone or tablet and enter the code generated from the main Instanet site. Then tap Sign in (the blue button) and you will be logged into your Instanet app!

It’s so easy, right?! We hope this software makes you very “appy“!!