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If you’ve ever created a subject property using Paragon’s CMA Presentation module but were not sure how to convert it into a full listing, then you’ll want to read this post to find out how.
Follow these steps to convert a subject property into a full listing:
1. In Paragon, click on the CMA icon

2. Under the yellow Maintenance heading click on the Maintain Subject Properties link

3. If no properties populate on the page click the Search button (In the Listing Owner dropdown choose My Listings)

4. Click Select an Action
5. In the Select an Action box click the Convert Subject Property
6. Fill in data for all the fields where a purple “C” appears

7. Click the Convert tool in the light blue toolbar, it sometimes just appears as a purple “C”

8. If you have not filled in all of the required fields you will receive one or more error messages that appear at the bottom of the page, those will have a Modify button that correspond to them, click these modify buttons one-by-one until all fields are filled in with data

9. Click the Convert button again

That’s it, you should receive a full MLS number for you new listing!