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Find off-market properties and price estimates!

Have you seen little blue price tag icons in Homesnap? If so, you’ve stumbled on a really cool hidden feature!


When you open your Homesnap app and zoom in closely on the map, you’ll see little blue price tag icons. You may also see red, orange, purple and green tags as well.


These blue tags represent listings in Homesnap that have been off the market for at least 365 rolling days or more, or have never been listed in the NNRMLS system. Here’s an image:

Bonus Pro Tip: Most times these tags will have prices on them — the price is an estimated value, otherwise known as an AVM, or Automated Valuation Model. The estimate comes from financial information by the Paragon MLS system’s parent company Black Knight Financial Services. Homesnap will never add an estimate on an active, pending or recently sold (within the last year), listing. Blue tags without prices do not have price estimates, the reason for this varies, but usually means the AVM does not have enough financial information for that listing to create an estimate.

Why Do I See Tags With Colors Other Than Blue?​:

The Homesnap app is designed so that when you zoom in closely on the map it temporarily lets the user see all listing statuses, even if a filter for only one status is applied. Once the user zooms back out to a broader overview of the map, the listing status filter takes over again and only shows one status! In the picture below you can see blue tags (off the market for 365 days or longer), orange tags (pending or active pending), red tags (sold in the last 365 days), and green tags (active). You might also see purple tags (none shown in the image below), which indicate active listings with an open house scheduled.

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