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Here’s the scenario: You’ve got a couple of GREAT clients that are looking for the perfect home but they have very specific commute time capabilities…you hunker down and think, ‘Boy, I’m going to need an hour of training from my MLS to figure out what program does this.’ Nope! no training needed! Just read this quick tip or watch the video to find out how find all listings within a clients specific commute needs!

Here’s the video:


Step 1: Open the app,

Step Two: Tap the Commute icon (Car with the Clock)


Step Three: Tap Add Another Address to add the work locations for your clients.


Step Four: Once you finish entering your addresses tap the Search button:


Step Five: Now you can view the results, if there are too many you can use the Filter to narrow down your results. You can also tap on Save Search so that you can refer back to if later.


Step Six: Name the search and it will be saved to your Homesnap so that you can refer to it again and again.

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