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One of the greatest features of Homesnap is collaborating with your clients and the ability to add clients!

How to Collaborate with your Clients

Open your Homesnap Pro app:


Tap on the Me tab:


Tap on Invite. Then you will see all the ways you can invite a client. The top field is where you can add a single email address or phone number. The second field is where you can broadcast your brand to social media; either Facebook or Twitter. The third field connects directly to the Paragon MLS system and will allow you to bring contacts in. The last area on the screen is your phone contacts. (Tip: don’t use Invite All because you likely have other agents in your phone and you don’t want to invite them because have their own Homesnap accounts)



Next we’ll show you how to invite someone via email. First enter their email address into the top field:



Tap Invite:



Your client is now invited and will receive an email invitation to download the app! You can check to see their status by going back to the Me tab and clicking My Clients:



On the My Clients page you can see your client’s status and message them again if you like.

Here’s a short video covering many of the ways to invite your clients to your Homesnap account. Watch for more fun topics in future Homesnap Pro-Tips!

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How can I further my knowledge of this amazing new business tool?:

  • Register for a free Homesnap Pro webinar here
  • Watch NNRMLS On-Demand Homesnap Pro webinars here
  • Find robust learning resources on the NNRMLS Homesnap Pro University page here
  • You can also watch this brief how-to video on how to search for listings in Homesnap, and for more advanced search features, click here
  • Andrew’s Class Registration page: For office or one-on-one coaching sessions; look for the Custom 30 or 60-minute sessions near the bottom of the page on Calendly.

Please contact the NNRMLS team with questions regarding this email at 775.823.8838 or info@nnrmls.com.


*This MLS Post Article was written by Andrew Cristancho, Director of Member Services and Training.