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Great news Homesnap enthusiasts: NNRMLS and Homesnap are joining forces to bring you a monthly, year-long webinar series! Click the image above to browse our Events calendar for the Homesnap class you are most interested in!

From webinars for beginners to advanced and premium products; Homesnap & NNRMLS have you covered! The best part is all webinars are FREE for NNRMLS Members!
See below for a list of classes and links to those classes. Each class has a link to its own registration page so you can click the link, register for the FREE webinar and save your spot early!
All webinars are also listed with registration links on our NNRMLS Members Website Events Page.

Wednesday, March 10 | 11:30 AM PT
Beginner’s Webinar: Getting Started With Homesnap Pro

Wednesday, April 14 | 11:30 AM PT
Advanced Webinar: Prospecting For Seller Leads

Wednesday, May 12 | 11:30 AM PT
Promote Your Brand With Homesnap Pro

Wednesday, June 9 | 11:30 AM PT
Prepping For Your Showing Appointment – Part 1

Wednesday, July 14 | 11:30 AM PT
At Your Showing Appointment Part 2

Wednesday, August 11 | 11:30 AM
Your Listing Appointment: Prepping For Your Listing Part 1

Wednesday, September 8 | 11:30 AM
Your Listing Appointment: At Your Listing Part 2

Wednesday, October 13 | 11:30 AM
Your Listing Appointment: Marketing Your Listing Part 3

Premium Products Webinars:

Wednesday, November 10 | 11:30 AM PT
Homesnap Pro Ads

Wednesday, December 8 | 11:30 AM PT
Homesnap Pro+

Wednesday, January 12, 2022 | 11:30 AM PT
Concierge | A Premium Homesnap Service