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Northern Nevada Regional MLS would like to wish our Members “Happy Holidays” by giving a “Fee Holiday” this month, December 2012!

We are aware that these past few years have been difficult. NNRMLS has been dedicated to slow growth since our foundation in 2003. We have gradually built our reserves and retained income over 9 years of prudent spending, strong adherence to our policies, and a committment to fiduciary responsibility.

Therefore, it was the decision of the Trustees to invest, not in additional products and services, but in you, our Member, by foregoing MLS fees for the month of December.

Only your personal recurring charges have been billed for the month of December – there is NO $43 MLS fee – our Holiday gift to you. In addition to this gift, in January we will be launching Cloud CMA – a $29.95 per month value coming to you FREE for being our Member. Cloud is the leading CMA application that generates top-notch, customized reports in record time.

Thank you for being a valued Member of NNRMLS. We hope that this little bit will be helpful at this time of year!