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We have been collecting our Member Goomzee questions and will be running a series of blog posts answering these questions every Friday for several weeks. We hope these “how to” posts will help you in navigating our mobile MLS app!

Hamburger IconTo utilize your presets, open the map in Goomzee, tap the “hamburger” icon (see image to the left) and tap Search, and all of your presets will show on the Begin New Search screen. Recommended setting: Set your zoom preference to reduce the need to adjust the map search!

Glen RidgeConvenient Multi-Word Address Search: For your convenience; searching for a street name like “Glen Ridge” from the Goomzee address search bar returns addresses with the word “Ridge” in it, even if the word “Glen” is not included. Exact listing matches will appear on the top of the list. This search shows active listings only.




Convenient MLS Number Search: 
You can also search for one or multiple MLS numbers from the Goomzee address search bar. To search multiple numbers separate each number with a comma and a space, as shown below:

This has been your first of a “Goomzee Tip of the Week” series — we hope you have found it helpful. We love to hear feedback from you. You can reach us at 775.823.8838 or info@nnrmls.com.

You’re reading this blog post and don’t have Goomzee yet? Click here and read more on the Goomzee product page. Learn how you can join nearly 500 of your colleagues using blazing fast access to agent specific MLS data while on the go!