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Often price changes and status update requests come to you at times when you’re not at your office or even near a computer. Now with Goomzee you can edit listings from your phone or tablet when you are on the go! Don’t wanna read? Watch the video here: Change Listing Status and Price with Goomzee! 

There are currently two ways to edit your listings in Goomzee:

  1. 1. Status change: To update status from Goomzee simply tap the current status name, (in the case shown in the screenshot, click on the word Active) to see your choices.





Pick the correct status and click the green Set button in the upper-right corner.







Submit Then tap the yellow submit button.


Edit listing

Then tap the Update button from the Edit Listing message shown to the left.

Note: The listing should show the update in 15 minutes or less.


Price Update

2. Price Update

To make this change simply tap the + or buttons to adjust the price in increments of $10,000 or if you prefer, tap inside the Price field to force your on-screen keyboard to appear and type in a custom price change.



Then tap the yellow submit button.


Edit listingThen tap the Update button on the Edit Listing message.

Note: The listing status will update automatically when you do a price change.