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Open House 7Do you want free nationwide exposure for your listing’s open house? Then I have good news! REALTOR.com recently announced that it will automatically publish the NNRMLS’ Open House data on its site at no extra charge to our Members.  Open House 6aThis feature is available for all Basic and Showcase Listings, according to the REALTOR.com team. To take advantage of this feature you must add your Open House data into NNRMLS’ Paragon system.

Rusty? Forget how to add an Open House date to your listing in Paragon? No problem; read on for a refresher.

1. In Paragon, click the Listings icon and then click the Listing link from the resulting dropdown menu. Open House 1

2. Locate the listing you wish to add an open house date to and click on the MLS number, or click on the Select an Action link. Note: If you click the Select an Action link you will need to click the Maintain Listing link inside the resulting Action window. Open House 2

3. On the left side of the page click on the Open House link. Now click the Add New button, (it’s the one with the green plus sign on it). Open House 3

4. Fill out the information in the Add New window: You must include a. Date, b. Time Start & End. The Comments section is optional. Now click the Save button. Open House 4

5. You should now see the green Saved Open House message in the right corner of your screen. At this point you’re done unless you’d like to add another open house date to your listing. Open House 5

REALTOR.com Example 1. Below shows the REALTOR.com Advanced Open House 8Search window where users can check the Open Houses box to search listings with open houses in the area they’re interested in.

REALTOR.com Example 2. After clicking the Submit button, pictured above, the REALTOR.com user will see a list of properties that have open houses scheduled, and Open House 6awhen they click on a listing they’re interested in the Open House Details will be prominently displayed. They will also be able to click on the “see details” link to view Contact, Location and Driving Direction information.

We hope you take advantage of this great benefit! By the way; when you enter an open house in Paragon it will also show on the NNRMLS consumer site at NRNMLS.com. Open House 9    You can’t lose!

-Andrew Cristancho, NNRMLS Help Desk/Social Media Specialist

*An important note from the REALTOR.com team: If you are a Showcase Listings subscriber on REALTOR.com with current open houses in your Control Panel, you may go into your Control Panel and “opt-out.”  Otherwise Open House information on your listings will be pulled from the MLS system.  All members are, by default, “opted-in” to have your Open House information pulled from the MLS system and displayed on your listings.

If you have further questions, please contact REALTOR.com Customer Care at 800-878-4166 (Monday to Friday, 6 am to 5 pm Pacific time), or email CustomerCare@REALTOR.com.