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Did you know you can get free leads from realtor.com?

You’ll learn about free leads and more during our exclusive classes with VP of Industry Relations, Michael Pressnall, on November 8 in Reno and November 9 in Carson City! Scroll to the bottom of this post for registration links.

Before Michael visits us in Northern Nevada, we’d like to make sure you’ve enabled your FREE Realtor.com profile and turned on your lead notification tools! If you have not yet claimed your realtor.com profile, click here to find out how: http://nnrmlsblog.com/claim-your-realtor-com-profile/

To turn on your lead notification tools:

Log into your realtor.com profile dashboard and click the thumbnail image that appears in the upper right corner of the screen:

Now click on Lead Settings:

Make sure to click through each section: Text Message Setup, Profile, Courtesy Leads and Top Producer — (if necessary).

This will ensure that you’ll always know when you have a new lead — whether you’re looking at your realtor.com Dashboard, catching up on emails or simply checking text messages.

Register for an upcoming class to learn about the awesome free tools from Realtor.com!

Michael Pressnall with Realtor.com will visit Northern Nevada on a two-day teaching spree! Three classes are available in Reno on November 8 at RSAR and 3 classes are available in Carson City on November 9 at SNAR.

Click here to see times for Reno: https://calendly.com/nornevmlsandrew/realtordotcomatrsar/11-08-2017

Click here to see times for Carson City: https://calendly.com/nornevmlsandrew/realtordotcomatsnar/11-09-2017

Please feel free to contact realtor.com’s support if you should experience any issues adopting your Profile.

Realtor.com Customer Care:
1-800-878-4166 or