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A new agent billing option for IDX can now be enabled by Brokers!

Brokers can now opt to have monthly IDX licensing fees billed directly to Agents. This feature is available only to Brokers and must be manually enabled for each IDX Agreement where Agent billing is desired. When Agent Billing is enabled for a specific IDX Agreement, NNRMLS will remove recurring monthly IDX licensing fees from the Broker’s account and add a $15 per month recurring IDX license fee to each Agent who has a website associated with the IDX agreement. The account changes will take effect upon the next billing cycle. To manage Agent billing for IDX, please follow the steps below:

1. Login to the NNRMLS Members Website and click Tools, then click IDX.

2. Locate the “Bill to Agent” toggle in the far-right column of the IDX License Agreements section.

3. If the toggle is gray, Bill-to-Agent is off and IDX fees will be billed to the Broker. If the toggle is green that means IDX fees for this agreement will be billed directly to the Agent.

This image shows that Bill to Agent is off. Billing will go to the Broker.

This image shows that Bill to Agent is on. Each Agent with a website registered to this agreement will be billed a $15 monthly IDX licensing fee.

4. To enable or disable Agent billing for an IDX agreement, click the toggle next to the agreement.

5. You will be prompted to confirm your choice with a pop-up message outlining what billing changes to expect if you choose to move forward with this option. After confirming your choice to enable or disable this setting, our Automated IDX Management System will send an email to both you and your Agents who have websites associated with the IDX Agreement.

This image shows the message that will display when a Broker enables Bill to Agent. To enable the Bill to Agent feature the Broker would click the Enable Agent Billing button.

This image shows the message that will display when a Broker disables Bill to Agent. To disable the Bill to Agent feature the Broker would click the Disable Agent Billing button.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is this new feature being implemented?

For many years our Members and their IDX Vendors have asked for direct Agent billing of IDX license fees. We were unable to offer an option like this until recently when we converted to a new billing system. With the new billing software in place, NNRMLS staff brought a proposal to offer direct Agent billing of IDX to our Board of Trustees, who approved the option as a part of the 2021 Operating Budget.

As a Broker, am I required to enable this option?

This feature is completely optional. If you would like to continue being billed the monthly IDX license fees for all of the IDX Agreements for your brokerage, no action is required.

How is IDX licensing structured?

IDX is an exclusive benefit for NNRMLS Brokers and their authorized Agents. The scope of the IDX license is limited to the display of NNRMLS listing data on public-facing Broker and Agent websites. The IDX Agreement is a three-party licensing contract between NNRMLS, a Participating Broker, and an Approved IDX Vendor. IDX Agreements have a one-to-many relationship to IDX Websites. Each Agent with an IDX Website requires that their website be Broker approved and registered to a Broker’s IDX Agreement. Each IDX Agreement can have one or more IDX Website Registrations. By default, “Bill to Agent” is disabled and the Broker is billed recurring IDX licensing fees for each IDX Agreement. If “Bill to Agent” is enabled, the billing switches to a per-website basis and each Agent with a website registered to the agreement gets billed instead of the Broker.

Is this all-or-nothing?

This “Bill to Agent” feature works on a pre-agreement basis. For the agreements in which you enable this feature, each agent with a website registered to the agreement will be billed $15 per month from NNRMLS. For the agreements where the option is not selected, you, as the Broker, will be billed $15 per month for each Agreement.

Will this change result in additional fees for my Agents?

Each Agent who has an IDX website registered to an Agreement with “Bill to Agent” enabled will be billed $15 per month. To view websites associated with an IDX Agreement, start by navigating to your IDX and Data License Management page as described above, scroll to the section that reads “IDX Websites Associated with Above Agreements.” To see which Agents and Websites are associated with an Agreement, locate the Vendor name. If you’ve enabled “Bill to Agent” for your IDX Agreement with that Vendor, each Agent listed in this section with Website Registrations for that same vendor will be billed the $15 per month IDX licensing fee.

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