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Let’s jump right into the NNRMLS new flagship tax product that launched on April 25th! We are planning on rolling out several blog posts/tutorials in the weeks ahead to help you become more acquainted with this great new product. Find other training opportunities on our MLSU Class Schedule

How to find flood maps in CRS Data:

Click the CRS Data button on the Members’ Launchpad as shown:

Choose how you would like to search by clicking one of the radio buttons; you can search by name, address, subdivision, parcel ID, or MLS #. Then type in the information you have and click the yellow button, SUBMIT.

Click the +View Larger Map to expand the map.








In the upper left-hand corner, click Change Layers to open another menu of choices:

In the list that opens, slide the button by FEMA Flood Zones to the right, or ON.

The next view that opens will show the areas in blue that are prone to flooding. When you zoom in, you can clearly see which properties might be affected.

We hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions!