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With the September 27, 2017, 5.61 Release to Paragon, exciting changes have been made to the Collaboration Center (CC2) and more!

CC2 Notifications have been updated to a fresh, new responsive design format:

  • In order to retain the template styling and update it to a professional and consistent look, the Rich Text Editor has been replaced by a text box to ensure consistency in the font and formatting when typing a message in the Collab Center Notifications.
  • E-mail Signature functionality has been removed from the Welcome E-mail because all of the pertinent Agent Contact info is now included in the updated Template both at the top and the bottom of the New Template.

Other 5.61 Release Changes:

  • Auto-Save Added to CMA Wizard: When creating or modifying a CMA in the CMA Wizard, your progress will be saved automatically when you use the Next\Back buttons or when you click on a Step to move through the Create CMA steps.
  • Improved Color Coding on Pop-up Messages: The color coding has been improved on the pop-up messages that appear throughout the system to make them clearer. Each message type now has a different color and label.
  • New Agent Reminder to Send Initial List of Saved Search Listing to Prospective Buyers: As of the 5.61 release, if an Agent sets up legacy email notifications for contacts, a new message appears reminding them to email the buyer the initial listing matches. A link has been added to open all of the listings from that saved search making it easy to email immediately.

Let us know if you have any questions concerning the changes in this release!